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Frequently Asked Questions

Caravans for hire UK FAQ. How long does the booking process take? What methods of payment accepted? Can I use more than one payment method to pay for a reservation? And more.

For Caravan Bookings

There is no need to create an account to book your caravan. If you do create an account you will have access to the messaging system. Please be aware that your reservations or bookings will not show in your profile and you can not cancel any bookings in your account without contacting the owner.

All bookings will need approval from the owner before any reservations are made.

Payments can be made by bank transfer, although some lettings can be paid by other methods.

Most bookings will be confirmed within 48 hours.

To cancel a booking please contact the owner through by message, email or by phone.

Simply fill out the contact form on the listing your are interested in.  Or if you have had contact before you can reply by message or email.

For Owners of Caravans

Absolutly no commission to pay.  List your caravan for FREE!!!

Payments can be made by bank transfer, PayPal, cash on arrival, etc you can specify the method to the potential booker.

After you create your free accout, your account will be approved and then upgraded so you can list your caravans with no listing fees. Please email with any issues.

All bookings are managed through your account, you can reserve or cancel any bookings here.

Clients will fill out the contact form and you will receive an email and message with the information. You can then make the booking and the booked out days will appear in your calendar for that caravan.

You can specify a different price for weekend bookings or even change the price for certain days adhoc.

At Caravans For Hire UK we aim to serve all areas of the UK. Whether your caravan is in Wales, Scotland or England you can list your caravan for free and there is no commission or hidden extras to pay!

The setup is very straightforward however don’t worry, we do offer a setup service.  For a small payment of £20 we will set up your account and list your first caravan letting on our site.  After the initial set up you will then be able to easily manage all bookings, cancellations, price changes, contact with booking customers, all management of the rental and any other changes.

Great service. Exceptional rentals. Professional support.

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